Once my child has mastered several letter sounds, it is time to start making words! This free, fun, and engaging Snowman CVC Word Building Activity is a great way to get your kids excited about learning to read and spell CVC words! Grab this freebie at the end

It comes with 2 CVC word building mat options, uppercase and lowercase snowball letters, and 2 recording sheets. 1 version for writing the CVC word they built and another version for writing the CVC word they built and drawing a picture of it. 



Let’s look at the Snowman CVC Word Building Activity in action.

CVC word building beginning sounds

In this picture, we used a Snowman CVC Word building mat and lowercase snowball letters. 


To begin, I said a CVC word and spelled the ending. My son identified the beginning sound and placed the correct letter on the mat to complete the CVC word. After he completed the word, he sounded out the letters and read the word. Then, he wrote the CVC word he built on the recording sheet.

Next, we moved on to ending sounds. 


We started with familiar CVC words. I said a CVC word and spelled the beginning letters. He used his letter-sound knowledge to identify the ending sound and complete the CVC word. 


Once he completed the word, he read it and wrote it on the recording sheet. He also drew a picture of the CVC word. The picture shows his understanding of the word he was building and reading!  

Snowman CVC word building ending sound

Finally, we practiced medial vowel sounds. Each vowel is blue to identify them easily. 

For this lesson, I placed the beginning and ending sound letters on the Snowman CVC Word Building mat and said the CVC word.  My son identified the medial vowel sound, found the letter, and completed the CVC word. This was great practice for differentiating between each vowel sound.  

Now, he has the confidence to read and spell all CVC words! Woohoo!

A couple other activities to try:

Uppercase and lowercase letter matching

Identify real and nonsense words.  

Do you like this Snowman CVC Word Building Activity Freebie? If so, grab yours below! 

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