Spider Activities for kindergarten

My kids are fascinated by spiders and nothing gets a kid learning more than curiosity!  While they are interested, give them some academics along with fascinating spider facts! I created these fun spider activities for kindergarteners to do just that! There are facts, Venn diagram, writing craft, science, math, language activities and more!

Also, grab the spider life cycle freebie at the end!  

Take a look at some of the fun science, literacy, and math activities I included.  And don’t forget to grab the spider life cycle freebie!

A look at what's included


  • Spider Facts & KWL Chart &  Anatomy Posters
  • Make your own spider
  • About your spider
  • Label the spider
  • Spider lifecycle
  • Spider shadow match
  • What spiders eat sort
  • Spiderweb/cotton/cotton candy observations & Venn Diagram.


  • Writing prompt
  • Spider craftivity
  • Read, trace, color & make the words spider & web
  • Syllable sort
  • Prepositions with spiders
  • ABC dot-to-dot webs (upper and lowercase)


  • Spider tally graph (color & b/w)
  • Spider weighing activity
  • Spider collage, graph, and data review
  • color by number and number word
  • Spiderweb dot-to-dot county by 2s
  • Fill in the missing numbers from 1-42
  • Counting Spider-eyes activity
  • How many counting sheet
  • Spider Memory Match Game


The spider anatomy poster and spider facts sheet teach about spiders and the KWL chart keeps track of what they know and learn.  Students show what they have learned about spiders with the lifecycle, sorting, and labeling activities.  They draw their own spider to expand on their knowledge and write all about it!   I love getting hands-on and comparing spiderwebs to cotton or cotton candy is a great way to get your kids focused and using their senses! 

science activity
Cut and glue spider life cycle and labelling activities.


Your kindergartener will build literacy skills while learning about spiders with these activities.   They will sort one and two syllable words and practice the alphabet in upper and lowercase with a weaving spider web. They can also work on preposition by choosing the correct prepositions for each spider scene, and the spell words “spider” and “web.”  Show off thier knowledge and creativity by displaying their spider writing prompt and craftivity!   

literacy activity
Spider writing prompt and craftivity!
spider activities literacy


These spider-themed math activities will make any kindergartener smile!  Students will work on counting and using tally marks, comparing numbers with the spider weighing sheet, and reading a graph and reviewing the data from a spider collage.  Kindergarteners use number and number word recognition with the color by number, counting by twos using a spiderweb, identify the missing numbers, and adding while playing a spider game.  

math activity
Math 10-frame addition with spiders!
spider math activities

You can purchase Spider Activities for Kindergarten here.

Do you have a little kiddo who is interested in spiders?  You can find fun and engaging spider activities for preschoolers here: SPIDER ACTIVITIES FOR PRESCHOOL

Here are some great book recommendations to accompany your spider unit.

Teach amazing facts about spiders with I’m Trying to Love Spiders and Spiders. Throw in a goofy fun story like There was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider just for laughs!   National Geographic Kids is always a go-to when I want vibrant real pictures with fascinating facts! 

Click on the pictures to purchase the books on Amazon.   

The links are affiliate links which do not change the price for you, but do help support my business and family.  Thank you for your clicks! 

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  1. I absolutely love this resource! This is perfect for this time of the year and it integrates so many subjects! Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much! I wanted to be able to include as many subjects as possible so the spider theme was throughout our days and lessons! I am so happy you like it!

  2. Who knew spiders could be so cute and resourceful for learning! Another great blog post and product. Great content and super cute product. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! A cute spider really helps break through the fear factor and allow kids (and adults) to learn more about them!

  3. So many fun and exciting things to do here! Me and my little one will have so much fun practicing and playing. Wonderful details and amazing activities!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you and your little one will enjoy all of the fun activities while learning about spiders!

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