Spider Activities for Preschool

It’s that time of year, spiders are everywhere! My kids are fascinated by them, especially my youngest little guy!  My girls still jump and scream when they see one unexpectedly!  I wanted to capitalize on his curiosity and teach my 3-year-old all about spiders, while incorporating other skills as well.  I created these fun spider activities for preschool  just for that!  The activities encourage learning and keep his attention. (That was the most important one!)

Let me show you some of the fun science, ELA, and math activities I included!

A look at what's included


  • Spider Facts & Spider Anatomy Posters
  • Label the spider
  • Who eats it? Food sort
  • Draw your own spider


  • Fine Motor: Line tracing & ABC dot-to-dot
  • Letter mazes. Letter S & Letter W
  • Letter Sort. Letter S & Letter W
  • Color spiders. Color words
  • Read, trace, build & color the word spider & web


  • Spider size sequencing
  • Shadow match & spider match
  • Color by number spider
  • Counting activities
  • Biggest vs smallest
  • Finish the patterns. B/W & Color
  • Spider Memory Match Game


The spider anatomy poster and spider facts sheet teach about spiders.  Students can show what they know with the label the spider and who eats it activities.  They can draw their own spider to expand on their knowledge or just for fun!  

science spider activities for preschool
Science spider activities for preschool.
Deciding which foods he eats and which food a spider eats was his favorite part!

Language Arts

Your preschooler will build ELA skills while learning about spiders and having fun.  This resource has pre-writing skills, focuses on letters s and w, color words, and the words “spider” and “web.”

Students will work on pre-writing skills with the line tracing worksheet and ABC dot-to-dot web – that can be weaved or drawn.  They will identify letter S and letter W in the letter mazes and the letter S and W sorting pages.  Preschoolers can also work on color words and color recognition with the color the spiders color words activity.  There are two word-work worksheets, spider and web, where students will trace the word, identify objects, and build the word.  

language arts spider activities for preschool
Language arts spider activities for preschool.
My LG was working on his pencil-grip here and loved doing these! 
He is a pro at the dabber! He found every S and was so proud!


Preschoolers will work on math skills, such as, sequencing, matching, number recognition, counting, identifying biggest and smallest, and patterns with these spider-themed activities! 

math spider activities for preschool
Math spider activities for preschool.
spider math game
My LG and I enjoyed playing "spider-eyes" together!

Do you have an older kiddo or need something a bit more challenging?  Check out the fun and engaging spider pack for Kindergarteners here!  SPIDER ACTIVITIES FOR KINDERGARTEN

Here are some great book recommendations to accompany your spider unit!

These adorable spider books will get your little ones giggling and not so afraid of spiders. With fun interactive pages, a classic nursery rhyme, and interesting illustrations your kids will enjoy!   

Click on the pictures to purchase the books on Amazon.   

The links are affiliate links, which do not change the price for you, but do help support my business and family.  Thank you for clicking!

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